To contact us:

Gîte Fleury
102, rue St-Joseph
Qc G3Z 1J1
Tel: 418-435-3668

Establishment no.: 194235

Deluxe continental breakfast

100% natural juice (orange or apple)

Fresh fruits (depending on the season)

Bread maid in a bakery
White old fashion
9 grains

Croissants baked on premises

Spreads (depending on the season)
Pâté with pork (light) homemade
Peannut butter
3 fruits wildberry,
Apple butter,
Rhubarb for Mario's garden,
Raspberry, thyme and lemon,
Zucchini, apricots, cranberry and vanilla,
Pumpkin and star anise,
Pineapple ans rosemary,
Blueberry and chocolate,
Three citrus marmalade.

Local cheeses (Migneron & Fleurmier)

Coffee, tea, tisane, water, milk

Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 9:30 am.

Gluten free items are available on request.

Enjoy your meal!