To contact us:
<p>G&icirc;te Fleury<br /> 102, rue St-Joseph <br />Baie-Saint-Paul, <br />Qc G3Z 1J1 <br />Tel: <span>418-802-5438.</span><br /><a href=""></a></p> <p></p>
Establishment no.: 194235

<p><strong><span><em>Deluxe continental breakfast</em><br /></span></strong></p> <p>100% natural juice (orange or apple)<br /><br />Fresh fruits (depending on the season)<br /><br /><strong>Bread maid in a bakery<br /></strong>White old fashion<br />9 grains<br /><br />Croissants baked on premises<br /><br /><strong>Spreads (depending on the season)<br /></strong>Butter,<br />P&acirc;t&eacute; with pork (light) homemade<br />Peannut butter<br /><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Jams:</span><br />3 fruits wildberry,<br />Apple butter,<br />Rhubarb for Mario's garden,<br />Raspberry, thyme and lemon,<br />Zucchini, apricots, cranberry and vanilla,<br />Pumpkin and star anise,<br />Pineapple ans rosemary,<br />Blueberry and chocolate,<br /><span id="result_box" class="short_text" lang="en"><span class="hps">Three</span> <span class="hps">citrus</span> <span class="hps">marmalade</span></span>.<br /><br />Local cheeses (Migneron &amp; Fleurmier)<br /><br /><strong>Beverages<br /></strong>Coffee, tea, tisane, water, milk<br /><br />Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 9:30 am.</p> <p>Gluten free items are available on request.</p> <p>Enjoy your meal!</p> <p></p>